Secure Client Portal

  • Permission: You have control over who has access to your file. We will request your express authorization before other party involved in your transaction is granted access to your online file.
  • Passwords: Each client is provided with a confidential username and password for their file
  • We have a Secure Server: The Law Offices of Frank K. Mulhern employs the same technology used by banks, financial institutions, and the government to conduct secure electronic commerce. This technology, known as Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) encrypts information as it travels over the Internet, thereby preventing unauthorized persons from obtaining your file information. This means that when you type in your user name and password, the information is scrambled using a powerful code, before it travels over the Internet. Similarly, when your file information is delivered to your computer, it is also scrambled before it travels over the Internet. When it reaches your computer, it is de-coded so you can read the information.